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This is an absolutely amazing product! I tried everything, throughout my pregnancy, I used all the well known brands but suffered horrific stretch marks after having a 10lb6oz baby! My stretch marks were awful but this amazing company gave me a free [tube] and now I am hooked! The stretch marks are nowhere near as deep and have faded so much! Truly amazing I would recommend to anyone

I  was impressed with the results almost instantly. Now my stretch marks are virtually non-existent. The results were very impressive. I would recommend this product highly in the future.

An excellent product.. I have no stretch marks and I’m now 35 weeks pregnant. I also had gestational diabetes so I rapidly expanded and felt my skin tighten and still no stretch marks. Excellent product, would definitely recommend it, lasts for a long time and it smells gorgeous.

I found SilDerm to be of great benefit to me. Compared to my best friend I have at least half as many stretch marks compared with the same period of pregnancy and similar baby weight.

I love this oil. It has a spray applicator so goes on really smoothly and smells lovely like essential oils instead of the usual perfumed pregnancy oils. I have been using twice a day for the last month and my tummy definitely feels more comfortable after I have applied the oil. The oil is quite expensive but if it saves me from stretch marks then it’s certainly worth it.

Hello! I just wanted to pay a compliment to your company and products! I am a very small framed person and recently pregnant with my first daughter. My family is known to give birth to big babies and all my relatives (small framed like myself) have been known to get horrible stretch marks on their bellies, breasts, and bottoms from their bodies trying to accommodate such big babies. I wasn’t going to take my chances of this happening to me! I looked online and found your Elasticity belly oil and bought two of the 3.4 oz bottles, even though it was a little over my budget. I’m really glad I did! I BARELY received any stretch marks AND I gave birth to a beautiful 9 pound 3 oz daughter! My cousin is now expecting her first and I am going to buy her a couple bottles and give them to her as a present to say congratulations!

Thanks for making such great products!

All of the SilDerm™ range has been clinically proven to be effective.

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