Silicone is widely used by physicians to treat and prevent scars. The components of SilDerm™ Scar range have been extensively researched and are known to have a good
or very good effect in about 80% of patients. (4) All the SilDerm™ Scar range will start to reduce the redness of the scar and flatten the scar within two weeks but for
best results continue to use for 90 days. The larger the scar, or the older the scar, the longer it will take so keep using SilDerm™ until you stop seeing an improvement.

SilDerm™ Scar Gel, Spray and Dual Action Scar Gel are most effective when a thin layer is applied over the scar. This will ensure that the scar is healed
as quickly as possible.



SilDerm™ Scar spray is a unique combination of medical grade silicones that have been designed to dry quickly on the skin. It’s best to use when the scar is too painful to touch, where large areas need to be covered and where people would prefer to apply a spray, rather than a gel.


SilDerm™ Scar Gel is a unique blend of naturally occurring silicones. SilDerm™ Scar Gel is an easy to apply product that dries quickly to form a barrier that helps heal the scar.


SilDerm™ Dual Action Scar Gel uses an new and innovative roller ball head to apply the silicone. This ensures that the silicone dries quickly and also it massages the scar as it applies the silicone. Silicone and massage has been proven to be more effective at treating scars than just massage.


Anything that causes the skin to break will cause a scar. With some people the scars will get better. However, in a large proportion of people, the scars will remain red and raised and will need to be treated with a safe effective product that is clinically proven to work. Silicone has been clinically proven in numerous studies to reduce the redness of scars, flatten scars and minimise the pain and itchiness.



The majority of burns will cause scars as they tend to heal slower than most other types of wounds. Early treatment is recommended, the use of silicone plus massage normally produces the best outcome.


The majority of people that scar will develop hypertrophic scars. These are red and raised, generally along the length of the trauma.


Keloids are normally formed after a trauma or wound, but spread away from the original wound. Very light skin and very dark skin tend to be more prone to Keloids and this is believed to be a genetic link to their formation.


Scars of more than 2 years old tend to be harder to treat, but with continual applications of SilDerm Scar Gel or Dual Action Gel you’ll soon be seeing results.

SilDerm™ Scar Gel, Spray & Dual Action Scar Gel are widely used to treat and prevent scars by Physicians. Physicians choose a product based upon the evidence that is available to prove that it works and it is safe. The components of SilDerm™ Scar Gel, Spray & Dual Action Scar Gel have been extensively researched aleftey are known to have a good or very good effect in about 80% of patients.

SilDerm™ Scar Ge, Spray and Dual Action Scar Gel  is a unique formulation of silicone that dries to form an ultra-thin layer on the skin. This provides a semi-occlusive layer, with similar breathability to the skin. This modifies the factors involved in healing to normalise the production of collagen. This in turn reduces the redness of abnormal scars, decreases their volume and reduces the pain and itchiness.

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of silicone at treating all types of scars, whether they are new scars, old scars, large scars or small scars. If the scar is still red and raised after 2 weeks then SilDerm™ Scar Gel, Spray and Dual Action Scar Gel should be used to reduce the redness and flatten the scars. Early use with silicone has been clinically proven to prevent scar formation .

The recommendations from the clinical reviews are clear – silicone should be used first line in all types of scars. 


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