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We know the efficacy of our products and know they can help to improve the appearance of common skin blemishes and conditions. We have performed extensive tests, the method and results of which can be seen in the following research summaries. Please feel free to download the studies below and read about the scientific evidence behind SilDerm’s products.


Since the introduction of silicone in the early 1980s, its therapeutic effects on predominantly the treatment and prevention of hypertrophic scars have been well documented in the literature.i, ii

Silicone Gel is the main stay of treatment for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists and it is the unique properties of silicone that make it effective and safe for treating and preventing scars. These summaries all show that SilDerm™ Scar Gel can be used effectively to treat and prevent scars.

  • SilDerm™ Repair Cream Clinical Summary


Pregnant women who are influenced by the negative consequences of the appearance of striae (Stretch marks) tend to use products to prevent the problem. However a rigourous study to demonstrate their true efficacy does not appear to have been carried out.

This study aims to provide some clinical evidence as to the efficacy of a prophylactic anti-striae oil on the development of of striae. This study aims to record new data and to evaluate the true efficacy of a preventative anti-striae product during pregnancy.

  • SilDerm™ Repair Cream Clinical Summary


SilDerm Repair Cream contains two active ingredients, Darutoside and Registril. These have been proven to improve the redness of striae (stretch marks) and also improve the indentation associated with striae. Both have undergone rigourous clinical investigations.

  • SilDerm™ Repair Cream Clinical Summary

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